Thursday, April 29, 2010

Huge Bummer!

We had frost night before last, and I thought I was doing well by covering all of my tomato and green pepper plants. All I had were plastic bags, but I put rocks all around them to hold the bags down.

I still ended up losing half of my tomato plants and a couple of the peppers. So very, very disappointing! Especially when adding up the cost of the plants (yes, I am cheap-although I like to call it "thrifty"!). However, that will teach me. Do NOT plant your plants (in Indiana anyway) until after the first weekend of May. Although even then, you aren't guaranteed safety from frost!

To cheer me up a little, I thought I'd post pictures of a few of the little birds I made. The other night I stood watching the cutest little woodpecker on the tree. He let me get really close to him too. He'd sit and look over at me occasionally, then go back to pecking on the tree. I wished I'd have had my camera handy! He was so cute! He inspired me to make a couple of bird softies!

Lately I just love this red/teal color combo!

This is in honor of my little woodpecker friend!


  1. Oh thats a bummer that you lost half of your plants. Just got mine and hopefully the weather gods will be kinder to me :)

    fii - swapbot

  2. Really love your Bird Softies! Cute!

  3. Sis, Where are your May blogs???